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There are over 30 products in the engineering category useful to structural, civil and mechanical engineers studying various structures under both static and dynamic loads. Architosh will begin targeting more engineering disciplines in the second half of 2001 and onward. With all the excitement in the scientific, high-tech and university crowd over Mac OS X and its true Unix underpinnings, we believe there will be a substantial growth in the Mac OS X engineering and AEC market. One such example is a new application built for both Classic and Mac OS X from Italian engineers A. Ficarra and V. Lovecchio called SAP One.

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Product Company Product Showcase Page Key

ArchPHYSIK A-Null EDV GmbH      
Argus ONE Argus Interware Inc      
CalculationCenter Wolfram Research      
Dr. Beam Pro Dr. Software LLC      
Dr. Frame Dr. Software LLC      
Dr. Frame 3D Dr. Software LLC      
Easy Beam Softing      
EasyFrame Softing      
EasySteel Softing      
EasyWall Softing      
FinEL Ripplon      
Foundation BA ADX      
Igor Pro Wavemetrics      
IntuitiveFEM Intuition Software      
LapCAD LAPCAD Engineering      
LapFEA LAPCAD Engineering      
MaxSurf Formation Design Sys.      
Mech Sys.Mathematica Wolfram Research      
Metalliques ADX      
MultiFrame Daystar Software      
MultiFrame 2D Formation Design Sys.      
MultiFrame 3D Formation Design Sys.      
Neoform Formation Design Sys.      
Nolian Softing      
RetainWall Daystar Software      
SAP One SAP One    
Section Maker Daystar Software      
Steel Designer Daystar Software      
Visual Mechanics I Dr. Software LLC      
Visual Mechanics II Dr. Software LLC      

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