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Reactions to our Editorials  
Architosh's landmark iDeveloper/CocoaCard Articles
Architosh editor and founder, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, wrote a series of articles on a concept for an Apple-branded two-tier application development tools designed for RAD (rapid application development) on Mac OS X.
The series provoked wide-spread reader reactions with many professional programmers providing positive feedback, encouragement and criticism. Moreover, Mac power users loved the concept because it provided a way for them to move up to producing custom solutions.
Architosh's Many Editorials
Architosh editor and founder, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, has written a number of editorials since the site's inception in February of 1999. As a 15-year veteran in the architecture field, collage design studio instructor and writer, he has addressed the Mac technical market in his editorials with a degree of mac loyalty and openness to the realities at Apple and the computer industry.

As he has remarked to many: "Just because you love the Mac doesn't mean you shouldn't be critical of Apple, the press or any Mac user for that matter." "Being a good Mac user is the same as being a good user period. You have to be critical of everyone the same way."

Now if only the PC-press and the "anti-mac-ism" PC crowd could just learn to except us in this world without trying to convert us or bash us all the time.

"Hello Anthony!

I'm glad to see that someone notices the systematic bad-mouthing of Macs that is far too common even in the otherwise serious publications. I just wish that some of the narrow minded PC fanatics would have the guts to admit that they are doing this just because they see Apple as a threat to their dream of a one OS universe.

Just to get things straight. I'm not a Mac fanatic per se, but fail to see the reason for using an inferior OS on my own spare time as well as at work."

— Anders Nasmark


An Apple-branded ISP- Five Things
Architosh received a lot of postive reaction from this editorial concerning an Apple-branded ISP/Portal. Here's what one reader said:

"Your last idea (#5) floored me... it's great! Really. They could really have something, as far as education goes, not only as far as content and services, but given their inside track, they would have the means to strongely propel a new ISP forward in terms of numbers."

— Kent Daniels


Home > Architosh Business > Architosh Awards & Reader Reaction > Reaction to Editorials




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