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Since our very first email, Architosh has received widespread praise from readers throughout the world. First for our very existence and mission—then for our assistance, evangelism, journalism, and constant high-quality effort towards meeting the needs of thousands of Macintosh CAD/3D/AEC professionals and students worldwide.

Today Architosh occupies a singular and exemplary position on the Internet, exhibiting a level of intensity and focus on the most important issues affecting the Macintosh CAD/3D/AEC professional. And at a time when most information portals are too distracted on revenue streams and expansion opportunities, Architosh.com is a welcome relief in 'visual brevity' and focus.

We invite you to peruse a healthy selection of testimonials.


"Dear Editor:

Your web site is and has been a source of inspiration for me. It reminds me that the Macintosh still has life."

— David Smith, Director, Engineering Software Products, Coleman Research Corp.


"Brilliant site. Loved it. Excellent work."

— Darin Freitig


"Feel free to use the contact information below for your registry; we'd like to add our voice to the chorus. "

— Francois Levy, Assoc. AIA


"Thank you for your wonderful web site. This is a true resource for Mac-architects. "

— Daniel Scott Mascione, Architect


"To Whom It May Concern:

Awesome Mac-based CAD resource !!!

— S. Hiroto


"Mr. Frausto-Robledo:

First of all, let me congratulate you on a beautiful site in Architosh.com. It seems to be a wealth of information and a great resource for networking and outreach into the Macintosh and AEC communities."

— Kyle Thiel, B.Arch. Student


"I enjoyed the first installment of the ARCHITECT review. Your comments were insightful and accurate."

— Barton Greer, Director of PR., Diehl Graphsoft (now Nemetschek North America)


"Thank you very much for the recent articles/editorials on this topic. I strongly support this effort. Not only do I personally prefer using Macs but I run across other scientists and engineers who would prefer to use them. Regards,"

— John Konopka


"I absolutely LOVE the idea for CocoaCard. I work at a small law office with all the applications mentioned in the article (AppleWorks, FMPro, AppleScript, etc.) One of our biggest difficulties is bringing new employees up to speed on our database operation. An application such as CocoaCard would allow me to quickly develop a training tool using all of my favorite apps!"

— Larry Staton Jr., Coye & Copeland, P.A.


"Thanks so much for forwarding that link - I have to say your review was one of the most thoroughly analyzed and well-worded ones I've read in a long time. Simply fabulous! It was a pleasure to read it. Thank you."

— Simone Paddock, Online Evangelist, O-Reilly & Associates


"Your editorial is right on target. The hubris of Microsoft and Gates know no bounds and is impossible to understate how wrong they are in their perceptions of their importance to the economy."

— Davod Yuguchi



"We think that your database will be helpful for architects who want to work in a different state or country and try to meet people using the same CAD software."

— J-M Guillaume, GERP Architects, Paris, France


"I would find the database helpful to find other Mac and CAD users in the area, for problem solving, user groups, etc. Also, a description of tasks the Macs are used for, software applications, etc."

— Brian Miller, AIA, Miller Architecture Group, Inc.


"What's the charge to join the members list?"

— J. M. Califf, AIA & Partners, Inc. (To AIWUG Members List)


"Yes, we would like to be in your listing of architects using the Mac. We use this platform exclusively and have no plans to change this stance."

— Stuart Huggert, Architects Pacific Limited


"Keep up the good work on promoting Architecture on the Mac."

— Sam Combs, AIA, NCARB, Architect


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