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Reactions to our Reviews  
OS X and VectorWorks
Architosh was honored with the task of previewing the future of the number one (#1) Mac CAD software and number two (#2) CAD software for architects in the United Kingdom, VectorWorks for Macintosh OS X—through an in-depth technical interview with Sean Flaherty, chief technology officer, of Nemetschek, N.A..


Vendor's Reactions to our Reviews
Software developers, hardware companies and book publishers admire our reviews for their depth and insight. And reviews coupled and scheduled alongside ad campaigns really drive your products and brands into the minds of our many reviewers. In short, our reviews get you results!

"Looks really thorough—one of the best reviews I've seen."

— Shari Cheves
Hot Door, Inc.


"I enjoyed the first installment of the ARCHITECT review. Your comments were insightful and accurate."

— Barton Greer, Director of Public Relations
Nemetschek, NA (formerly Diehl Graphsoft Inc.)


"I have to say your review was one of the most thoroughly analyzed and well-worded ones I've read in a long time. Simply fabulous! It was a pleasure to read it. Thank you."

— Simone Paddock, Online Evangelist
O'Reilly & Associates

Home > Architosh Business > Architosh Awards & Reader Reaction > Reaction to Reviews


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