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About Us: Our Mission  

Architosh ® is a publication of BritasMedia™ and is exclusively focused on being the number one vertical Web portal dedicated to Macintosh IT resources for CAD/3D/AEC students and professionals.

Architosh Mission Statement
BritasMedia's mission with the Architosh Website is to help establish the Apple Macintosh platform as the premier worldwide leading computer system for CAD/3D/AEC and related technical design professionals.

To achieve this end Architosh is primarily focused on the following items:

• Provide extensive IT resources for Mac CAD/3D/AEC
• Provide news, editorial and other content
• Establish and support AIWUG
• Reinforce the Apple and Macintosh Brands
• Provide supportive 'vertical' e-commerce facilities

Architosh is not officially endorsed or associated with Apple Computer Inc. We do however consult with Apple contacts, Apple VAR's and other industry stakeholders on strategy and direction in support of our mutual goals.

About Architosh Staff
Architosh is staffed by BritasMedia employees under the direction of BritasMedia president, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, and obtains additional technical support by outside consultants news network media partners, and even our loyal readers and friends of Architosh.

Here are profiles of our key members:

Anthony Frausto-Robledo, B.Arch.
Founder and Editor

Educated as an architect, he has been an AEC professional for over 15 years prior to launching his firm BritasMedia.

As president of BritasMedia, Anthony consults AEC firms and small businesses on Web, animation, digital photography and IT-related issues in addition to publishing the Architosh site daily. He has been a member of the Design Studio and History & Theory faculty at the Boston Architectural Center College of Architecture since 1997.

Anthony grew up in Santa Barbara, California, where he met and married his future 'dot-com' business partner, Susan Hopper. He lives with his wife and two children in the "illuminating" community of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Susan Hopper, M.S.
Managing Partner

Susan took on an active role in Architosh in July of 2000. She is responsible for all e-commerce content and implementation and is active, along with Anthony, in overall strategic directions.

Susan received her MS degree from Simmons College and is a licensed Physical Therapist in Massachusetts.


Architosh Contact Info
28 Columbus Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140
[email protected]





Home > Architosh Business > Press Information > About Us: Our Mission

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