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The 3D Pros Listing includes firms and individual 3D modeling, rendering and animation users from dozens of countries around the world—a truly international list of architectural Macintosh users. Please consider joining the Architosh International Web Users Group (AIWUG) and enjoy the many current and future benefits. Membership is free.

Abbrv. Ukn = Unknown

Updated: 7 Feb 2003

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Name Country City CAD Contact

Carelse - Jeroen Carelse Finland Tampere Strata3D Pro, BOA office
Donald Thompson Industrial Design USA New York, NY El, Microstation, FormZ office
KJB Design UK Manchester, England All office
Neoscape, Inc USA Cambridge, MA All CAD office
Photo/Graphic Concepts Ukn Ukn VectorWorks office
Sigma Design UK Ukn VectorWorks, Artlantis office
V8 Lab (Gerard Thomas) Australia Sydney FormZ, Electric Image office
VizFX (Robert Staehle) USA Clayton, CA FormZ, EI, ArchiCAD, Lightwave office
Walkabout, Randy Walker USA CA Design Workshop office
Deneb Design Australia Sydney All office


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