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The Architecture (AEC) Pros Listing includes over 335 prominent architecture or AEC firms from dozens of countries around the world—a truly international list of architectural and other AEC Macintosh users. Together with our other members, the AIWUG consist of nearly 400 members! Please consider joining the Architosh International Web Users Group (AIWUG) and enjoy the many current and future benefits—and show your support of the Macintosh. Membership is free.

For those of you who have submitted your AIWUG membership information and are not yet listed on the Members List, in any category, please be patient and expect your data to be listed in the next update coming soon. Also, please note that no AIWUG Members will receive any email-based news lists or newsletters without notice. We will keep you informed of those efforts shortly.

Abbrv. Ukn = Unknown

Updated: 7 Feb 2003

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Name Country City CAD Contact

Jonathan Reeves Architecture       office
Al Dampier Architectural Grouppo   Hoover   office
David Dowling     Form Z, VectorWorks office
Eric Pace Architecte d.p.l.g   Chateau Thierry   office
GFR Arquitectura Argentina Buenos Aires VectorWorks office
Jose Maria Arriola, Arquitecto Argentina Santa Fe VectorWorks office
Arq. Martin Sarasibar Argentina Necochea VectorWorks office
Gamberg Gerszkowicz y Asociados Argentina Buenos Aires Vectorworks office
Guillermo Filippini Architect Argentina   VectorWorks, Strata 3D, Cinema4D office
Boris Nedic Australia Canberra ArchiCAD office
V8 Lab (Gerard Thomas) Australia Sydney FormZ, Electric Image office
Planet Design Collaborative Australia Brisbane VectorWorks office
McGregor + Partners Australia Sydney VectorWorks office
Andrew Aitchison Architects Australia Sydney Archicad office
Springett David Paragrid Architecture Pty Ltd Australia Sydney VectorWorks office
Deneb Design Australia Sydney   office
PMDL Architecture + Design Australia Sydney VectorWorks office
Archwerk Austria Salzburg ArchiCAD office
Iwert Bernakiewicz, Architect Belgium Tongeren Microstation SE Iwert B.
Porto Freire Engineering Brazil Ukn ArchiCAD office
Rodrigo Serpa Brazil Rio de Janeiro VectorWorks office
AARQ, Architects Brazil Ukn ClarisCAD, MiniCAD office
MIC-Design Ltd. Bulgaria Dobrich ArchiCAD, Artlantis office
David Fujiwara Architect Canada Toronto Vectorworks, Renderworks office
Andrew J. Bobyn, MAIBC Canada Vancouver, BC VectorWorks office
Denmic Design Canada Toronto ArchiCAD, Microstation, FormZ, MinCAD Info
Richard Ziegler Architect Canada Toronto Architrion office
Bunting Coady Architects Canada Vancouver, BC VectorWorks, AutoCAD office
Burrowes Huggins Architects Canada Vancouver, BC MiniCAD office
Kasian Kennedy Canada Vancouver, BC Vectorworks, FormZ office
Peter Garry Architect Canada Calgary PowerCADD office
Perkins & Company Canada Vancouver, BC Vectorworks office
A. J. Diamond, Donald Schmitt... Canada Toronto PowerCADD office
Benoit Beauchamp, Ecole de Tecnologie Superieur Canada Montreal AutoCAD Mac Benoit B.
Birch Engineering Canada Surrey, BC PowerCADD office
Hilditch Architect Canada Toronto PowerCADD office
Dan MacKenzie, Arch Canada Toronto Ukn office
Cornerstone Architecture Canada Vancouver, BC VectorWorks office
Garth Norbraten Architect Inc Canada Toronto VectorWorks office
Izaias Design Columbia Bogota Architrion office
Triadd-office for Architectural Design Curacao,The Netherlands Willemstad, Deventer VectorWorks office
George Katodrytis Architects Cyprus Nicosia VectorWorks, Microstation SE office
Colakides & Associates, Architects & Engineers Cyprus Limassol VectorWorks office
Brugger & Nielsen Denmark Klostertorv VectorWorks office
ARKITEKTERNE Denmark Copenhagen Ukn office
Tegnestuen Architect.dk Denmark Kobenhavn VectorWorks, Zoom office
Etcetera Design Denmark Copenhagen PowerCADD, Form Z office
ORIGA Studio Europa Site d'Archamps ArchiCAD office
Architects Pacific Limited Fiji Suva VectorWorks office
CARELSE - Planning Design Visualization Finland Tempere Strata3D Pro, BOA office
GERP Architects France Paris VectorWorks J-M Guillaume
Jacques Pochoy Architecte-urbaniste France Paris PowerCADD office
Regis Mentre, Atelier Archi Mentre France Strasbourg VectorWorks office
Delta Engineering SA France Marseilles ArchiCAD, Artlantis office
IXHOS Architecture & Design France Bordeaux Ukn John W.
Guy TARRIEU Architecte France Strasbourg Architrion, Microstation office
Pochoy Jacques Architecte France Paris PowerCADD office
Daniel Hulak Architecte DPLG France Paris ArchiCAD, Artlantis office
Studios Architecture France, USA Paris, London, NY, San Francisco ArchiCAD office
Klaus G. Meintsberger, Architect Germany Nuernberg VectorWorks office
Maedje, Thomas Germany Bremen ArchiCAD office
Melcher-Gast-Hohnerlein Architekturbeau Germany Ukn Architrion and Electric Image office
Boge Johannsen Architekten, BDA Germany Hamburg ArchiCAD office
Keiser Marcel Architecture Planning Germany Ukn Ukn office
Teltscher Michael, Architekt Germany Munchen ArchiCAD office
University of Applied Sciences, Department of Architecture Germany Nuernberg ArchiCAD joffice
Ciudin Architekten Ingenieure Germany Munich VectorWorks office
Wennmacher Architekt Germany Moenchengladbach VectorWorks office

Kakouros, Xyda Architects

Greece Chios MiniCAD office
ERGO 3 Ltd. Greece Greece Vectorworks office
Vastuankh India Rajashtan VectoWorks, Strata studio, QTVR authoring office
Murray O'Laoire Architects Ireland Limerick, Dublin PowerCADD office
Dod Architects Ireland Kenmare, Co. Kerry BOA, Architrion office
O' Sullivan Campbell Architects Ireland Tralee,Kerry VectorWorks office
Antonio Bonomi, Architetto, Calderara di Reno Italy Bologna PowerCADD office
Ferrari & Ferrari, Architettura ed Urbanistica Italy Rome Microstation95/SE office
Studio Tecnico Lamberti Italy Pistoia Domus.Cad, Artlantis office
Studio Tecnico "LINO CERUTI" Italy Bergamo Domus.Cad, Artlantis office
Studio Tecnico Corelli Italy Milano VectorWorks, Renderworks office
Studio dr.ing b. barth Italy Brixen Microstation SE, VectorWorks Benno B.
Giuseppe Corona Architect Pub Design & Associates Italy Pordenone ArhiCad office
Gabrio Rossi Architetto Italy Via Malj Tabajani VectorWorks, Renderworks, Artlantis office
Arqes Africa Kenya Nairobi ArchiCad, Artlantis office
Gintaras Balcytis Architect Lithuania Kaunas MiniCAD office
ZONE Architects Malaysia Kuala Lumpur MiniCAD office
Luis Cabral Architect Mexico Oaxaca ArchiCAD office
Trifos Design Consultants N.S. Sydney VectorWorks office
Van der Laan Bouma Architekten Netherlands Rotterdam VectorWorks office
Jonathan Pickup, Architecture on CAD Ltd New Zealand Napier VectorWorks office
Don Wood Architect New Zealand North Shore City VectorWorks office
Vektor arkitekter ANS Norway Oslo VectorWorks office
Lopez-Pineiro Architects Panama Ukn VectorWorks office
Lousinha Arquitectos, Lda. Portugal   ArchiCAD, Artlantis office
Joao Pedro Soares Martins Portugal Oporto ArchiCAD, Form Z [email protected]t
Feoktistov & Partners, Arch Russia Moscow ArchiCAD office
Boswell Mitchell & Johnston Scotland ukn PowerCADD office
Jack de Ruijter Spain Madrid ArchiCAD office
Werner K. Rueegger, AIA SAI SWB Switzerland Ukn ArchiCAD office
Schmid + Bossi Partner AG Switzerland Ukn TopCAD, ArchiCAD office
Caviglia Architekturatelier Switzerland Stansstad ArchiCAD office
Velthuis Architectuur + Stedebouw The Netherlands Groningen VectorWorks, Strata 3D Exception office
Inwood Tuck Partnership, Chartered Architects U.K. Hove, Sussex Vectorworks office
Flying Pig ltd. UK London Vectorworks, Lightwave office
MHSB Architects UK Maidstone VectorWorks office
Robert Ian Barnes Architects UK Central London VectorWorks office
Seymour Harris Architects UK Birmingham ArchiCADD office
SMC Design UK London Powercadd, Archicad office
Architecture+Design Partnership UK   Vectorworks office
Reedesign, Architects UK Ukn ArchiCAD Dan R.
KGB Design UK Manchester Ukn office
Wharmby Kozdan Architect UK London Ukn office
Studio 11 UK London Vectorworks office
Thomas Muirhead UK London MiniCAD office
HTA Architects Ltd UK Camden, London Microstation SE office
Gregory Phillips Architects UK London Microstation office
Richmond Architectural UK Richmond, Surrey VectorWorks office
Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership Ukn Ukn VectorWorks office
Photo/Graphic Concepts Ukn Ukn VectorWorks office
HCL Design and Development Ukn Ukn VectorWorks, WCS office
Frank, Goring & Straja Architects Ukn Ukn Microstation SE office
Bruce March Architect Ukn Ukn ArchiCAD office
Gardner / Fox Associates Ukn Ukn PowerCADD office
Whole Builders Ukn Ukn Architrion office

Zirhlioglu Faruk

Ukn Ukn Architrion office
BiscoeWilson Architects ukn ukn ArchiCAD, ArchiSite, Artlantis Render office
Chelsea East Hill Design USA Chelsea, Vt VectorWorks A-L-R, Canvas office
Geary Engineering USA Roger, AR Microstation SE office
Geiger Architecture USA Rapid City, SD ArchiCAD office
Charles William Feyh USA Martinez, CA ArchiCAD office
Chapman Consulting USA The Woodlands, TX MiniCAD office
CDS Associates Inc USA Cincinnati, OH ArchiCAD office
Gillings + Good-Man Architects USA Aliso Viejo, CA AutoCAD, office
Chris Grayson & Associates USA New York, NY Infini-D, FormZ office
Carol To USA Seattle, WA FormZ, VectorWorks office
Gregory La Vardera Architect USA Merchantville, NJ PowerCADD Greg L.
Gregory Maire Architects Ltd USA Evanston, IL VectorWorks office
Chris La Shorne Architecture USA La Crosse, WI PowerCADD office
Gretchen Ann Meili Architect USA Rye, NY ArchiCAD Gretchen M.
Gromatzky Dupree & Assoc. Architects USA Dallas, TX Microstation,AutoCAD office
Grossman Chapman Klarer Architects USA Louisville, KY VectorWorks office
Carl P. Blum, AIA, Architect USA Morgan City, LO VectorWorks office
Carde Ten Architects USA Santa Monica, CA PowerCADD office
Hawtin Jorgensen Architects USA Jackson, WY ArchiCAD office
fulcrum STUDIOS, P.C. USA Indianapolis, IN Vectorworks Architect office
Herron Horton Architects, Inc. USA Little Rock, AR   office
Herron Horton Architects, Inc USA LittleRock, AK PowerCADD, FormZ office
Callahan & Associates USA Fort Worth, TX ArchiCAD, MiniCAD office
Hillhouse & Associates USA Birmington, AL VectorWorks office
Holland Architects USA Aiken, SC DenebaCAD 2 office
Foodservice Resources USA Fredericksburg, VA VectorWorks office
Independent Mechanical Engineering Consultant USA West Coast Clariscad, DenebaCAD office
Integrated CADD Services USA Cambridge, MA ArchiCAD office
Integrated Architectural Services USA Pittsburgh, PA MiniCAD office
Fonda-Bonardi & Hohman Architects USA Santa Monic, CA ArchiCAD Van H.
Irving Antonio Gonzales Architect USA San Francisco, CA VectorWorks Architect office
Island Architects, Inc USA Chester, VA PowerCADD office
C. David Tobie: Design Cooperative USA Readfield, ME VectorWorks office
C. A. Carlson, AIA USA Rosamond, CA MiniCAD office
Butz - Wilbern, McLean USA McLean,VA MiniCAD office
Finith E Jernigan AIA, Design Atlantic Ltd. USA Salisbury, MD ArchiCAD info
Butler Rowland Mays Architects USA Mechanicville, NY VellumDraft99, FormZ office
James Storms, Architect USA West Palm Beach,FL Ukn office
JAS Consulting USA Seattle, WA Archicad office
Jay Raskin Architect USA Cannon Beach, OR ArchiCAD office
JDO+ Associates USA Westlake, CA ClarisCAD, MiniCAD office
Jenkins Architecture USA Raleigh, NC VectorWorks office
Jerry Johannessen AIA, Architecture & Planning USA San Rafael, CA ClarisCAD office
Christophe Classen USA Los Angeles, CA All school
John Cruet, Jr. AIA Architect & Planner USA Guilford, CT PowerCADD, Vectorworks, Renderworks office
John R. McKelvey, Architect USA Santa Cruz, CA Vectorworks, Renderworks office
Jon M. Califf AIA & Partners, Inc. USA Irvine, CA Microstation SE Karen J.
Jon Worden Architect USA Healdsburg, CA ArchiCAD, Vectorworks office
Burns & Beyerl Architects USA Chicago, IL VectorWorks office
Farr Associates Architecture and Urban Design USA Chicago, IL MiniCAD office
Burleson Nelson Shiver USA Dallas, TX Microstation SE office
Joseph F. Gorney/Talon Architecture USA Danville, CA ArchiCAD office
Joseph Vance Architects USA Brooklyn, NY ArchiCAD office
Jud Knoll, Architect USA Madison, Wisconsin ClarisCad office
June Hao Hou, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University USA Cambridge, MA All June H.
K2S Architects USA Naples, FL VectorWorks, Artlantis office
Bruce Peeling Architect USA San Diego, CA PowerCADD office
Karen McDonald USA Orlando, Fl VectorWorks office
Facilities Design International USA Houston, TX ArchiCad, Microstation SE office
Brown and Bills Architects USA Dayton, OH ArchiCAD office
Keith Rivera USA Santa Barbara, CA Archicad office
Kelly-Tinker Architects USA Ann Arbor, MI Architrion office
Kenneth D. Hester, Architect USA Birmingham, AL VectorWorks office
Kenneth W. Holt, R.A, P.E. USA Media, PA Ukn office
Kevin Ford, Emerson College USA Boston, MA VectorWorks Kevin F.
COIL USA Oakland, CA VectorWorks office
King & King, Architects LLP USA Manlius, NY Vectorworks, Renderworks office
BritasMedia USA Cambridge, MA VectorWorks office
Koetter, Kim & Associates USA Boston, MA MiniCAD office
Koning Eizenberg Architecture USA Santa Monica, CA PowerCADD office
Krumpen Woodworks, Inc USA Genoa City, WI AutoCAD office
Lanpher Associates, Inc. Design & Consulting Engineers USA Northeast Harbor, ME Architrion office
Lee Nichols Architecture USA Charlotte, NC Microstation, ArchiCAD, Form Z office
Ernest Harris Architects USA New York, NY VectorWorks, Form Z office
Levon Farra Design USA Los Angeles, CA VectorWorks office
Lewis C. Bishop Architect USA Palm Desert, CA Archicad office
Locus Architecture USA Minneapolis, MN ArchiCAD office
Lopez Seidel Architects USA San Antonio, TX VectorWorks office
Eric Hall Architects USA Eugene, OR ArchiCAD office
Collins Cooper Carusi Architects USA Atlanta, GA Microstation, Form Z, ArchiCAD office
LRS Architects,inc USA Portland, OR PowerCADD, ArchiCAD office
Combs & Combs AIA USA Anchorage, Alaska VectorWorks office
Lundberg Design USA San Francisco, CA PowerCADD office
Epps / Architecture, Inc USA Seabrook,TX VectorWorks office
Management Software Inc. USA Cortland, NY JobOrder office
Mark Wallace Architect USA Collegeville, PA ArchiCAD office
McDonald/Architects USA New Orleans, LA MiniCAD office
McFadden & Company USA Madison, WI ArchiCAD office
Boone/Low Architects & Planners USA Santa Cruz, CA ArchiCAD Jacquie L.
McKibben+Cooper Architects USA Boise, ID PowerCADD office
Bomblogic USA Portland, Oregon Autodesk Inventor office
Mell Lawrence Architects USA Austin, TX VectorWorks, Renderworks office
Melville Thomas Mobley Architects, Inc USA Baltimore, MD ArchiCAD office
EntasisDESIGN, inc USA Indianapolis, Indiana PowerCADD, ArchiCADD office
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson USA Pittsburgh,PA Microstation SE office
Michael Boyd Architects USA Langley, WA Archicad office
Michael Chelnov Architect USA Boone, NC VectorWorks office
Michael McCoy Architects, Inc USA Midwest City, OK Microstation SE office
Mike Hughes Architects, PC USA Tulsa, OK Ukn Mike H.
Miller Architectural Group USA Milwaukee, WS VectorWorks office
MJA Designs, Ltd. USA Chesapeake, VA VectorWorks office
MTP Architects USA San Francisco, CA Form Z,PowerCADD office
Mudhouse Design USA Pecos, NM VectorWorks office
Muller & Caulfield Architects USA Oakland, CA ArchiCAD office
Murphy/Jahn USA Chicago,IL Form Z office
BMS Architect's USA Wilmington, NC PowerCADD office
Naughton + Associates USA Chicago, Illinois Cad Mover, Powerdraw, Adobe office
Neoscape, Inc USA Cambridge, MA All office
New North Design USA Pittsburgh, PA VectorWorks office
Nick Truske USA Albuquerque, NM DataCAD office
Nierica Design USA Durango, Co DenebaCAD, office
BLS Architects USA Medford, MA ArchiCAD office
Oliver Design Group USA Cleveland, Ohio ArchiCAD, Artlantis office
Olson Mfg. & Distribution USA Shawnee, KS Ashlar Vellum 3D & Solids office
Garrison / Siegel, Architects USA New York, NY MiniCAD office
Pantheon Architecture & Construction, LLC USA Houston, TX MiniCAD office
Patrick Marr, AIA, PE USA Santa Barbara, CA PowerCADD office
Becker Architects Ltd USA Highland Park, IL ArchiCAD Richard B.
Bateman Architects, PA USA Bluffton, SC PowerCADD office
Pfaffmann + Associates USA Pittsburgh, PA VectorWorks office

PFAFFMANN Associates

USA Pittsburgh, PA VectorWorks office
Emanuel Torres Sauceda USA Tucson, Az Vectorworks office
Bast & Rood Architects USA Hinesburg,VE VectorWorks office
Barry Associates Architects USA Bethesda, MD   office
Barrie Scott Associates USA St. Louis VectorWorks office
Babbitt Design USA Acton, MA VectorWorks office
Prestrud Architect, P.C USA Jackson, WY PowerCADD office
Quail Ridge Design USA Quitman, GA MiniCAD office
Quatrefoil Architectural Design USA SE Michigan VectorWorks, Renderworks office
R. S. Griffin Architects PA USA Asheville, NC Ukn office
Ralph Applebaum Associates USA New York, NY MiniCAD office
EastLake Studio USA Chicago, IL PowerCADD S. Wells
Earl R. Flansburgh + Assoc USA Boston, MA MiniCAD office
Richard B. Kraybill, Architect USA Wichita, KA VectorWorks office
Richard + Wittschiebe ArchiRichard USA Atlanta, GA ArchiCAD office
Richard E. Johnson USA Glendale, CA ArchiCAD, Artlantis office
Richard Johnson Architects USA Los Angeles, CA ArchiCAD, Artlantis office
Armantrout Architects USA Redlands, CA VectorWorks office
E. Verner Johnson & Associates, Museum Architects & Planners USA Boston, MA ArchiCAD, FormZ office
Rick Thompson Architect USA Lake Janaluska ArchiCAD office
River Architects, Inc. USA La Crosse, Wisconsin MicrostationSE, FormZ office
Robert Cerutti Architect USA Princeton, NJ VectorWorks office
Robert E. Moore, Architect USA Monroe, NC Architrion office
dsgn associates USA Dallas TX Archicad, Powercadd office
ARKHOS-TEKTON, Architects USA Los Angeles, CA ArchiCAD office
Roesler Associates, Inc. Architects USA Houston, TX VectorWorks office
Roesler Company USA Memphis, TN Vectorworks, Renderworks office
Rojo Architecture USA Tampa, FL Strata StudioPro, Renderworks office
Ron Jelaco Architect USA Seattle, WA ArchiCAD office
Ron Yeo, FAIA Architect Inc USA Corona del Mar, CA PowerCADD office
RWA Architects, Inc. USA Cincinnati, Ohio PowerCADD, FormZ office
Samuel Anderson, Architects USA New York, NY MiniCAD


Satzinger Architecture USA Santa Barbara, CA Archicad office
Douglas O. McClure Architect USA Irvington, NY VectorWorks office
Sean Stewart Architects USA Boston, MA VectorWorks office
Comet Studios USA San Francisco, CA ArchiCAD office
Simple Building Systems. LLC USA Spring Valley, CA ArchiCAD office
Designworks USA Reading, PA MiniCAD office
Arcotech Corporation USA Berwyn,IL ArchiCAD office
Stebbins, Scott & Bergman, Architects, PA, FT USA Pierce, FL Architrion, ArchiCAD office
Steven Glickman,Architects USA Easton, PA VectorWorks office
Structural Design by Bob Niebur USA Phoenix, AZ MicroStation, VersaCAD office
Stubbs Muldrow Herin Architects USA Mount Pleasant, SC PowerCADD Sam H.
Studio Mosaic, Francois Levy Assoc. AIA USA Austin, TX VectorWorks, RenderWorks Francois L.
Design Professionals Inc USA Big Stone, VA PowerCADD office
Architectural Restoration Ltd USA Wakefield, RI PowerCADD office
Design Altantic Ltd USA Salisbury, MD Ukn office
Architectural Ideas USA Seattle, WA ArchiCAD office
ArchiTech, Jack Honderd AIA USA UK PowerCADD office
Apple Computers USA Cupertino, CA Ukn AndrewS.
TeamHaas Architects USA Austin, TX VectorWorks, FormZ office
TeamHaas Architects USA Austin, TX VectorWorks, FormZ office
Andrew Todd USA Pomona, CA Ukn school
Andrew M. Fethes, Architectural Associates USA Oradell,NJ MiniCAD office
The Arkitex Studio Inc. USA College Station, TX PowerCADD, FormZ office
The Roybal Corporation USA Denver, CO Microstation SE office
The Vacek Group, Inc USA Kingwood, TX VectorWorks office
The Doran Studio, Inc USA Cincinnati, OH ArchiCAD, Artlantis office
The Folinus Collaborative USA Atlanta, Georgia VectorWorks office
The Orcutt/Winslow Partnership USA Phoenix, AZ ArchiCAD office
Cook Architecture USA Fort Lauderdale, FL VectorWorks office
Torres Architect USA Austin, TX VectorWorks office
Anderson + Schwartz, Architects USA New York MiniCAD office
Cornerstone Architecture USA   VectorWorks, RWs office
Tyler Gonzalez George Architects USA Los Angeles, CA VectorWorks office
Alcala Design, LLC USA Wilmington, DE ArchiCAD office
usefullogic USA Los Angeles, CA FormZ, ElectricImage office
Adams&associates, inc USA Nevada, MO VectorWorks Architect office
Craig Comerford RIBA USA Palm Desert, CA MiniCAD office
Vanderwal Architects USA The Woodlands,TX VectorWorks office
A Visual Advantage, Landscape Architecture USA CA Microstation SE office
Davis Design Drafting USA Woodland, CA PowerCADD office
David R. Einug Res. Design USA Cambria, CA VectorWorks David, E.
VizFX (Robert Staehle) USA Clayton, CA FormZ, EI, ArchiCAD, Lightwave office
Waggoner Architecture USA Roswell, NM ClarisCad, Vectorworks, PowerCadd office
Walkabout, Randy Walker USA CA Design Workshop office
Warner & Associates, Architects USA Virginia Beach, VA VectorWorks office
WCH-AIA, Architect USA Mt. Horeb, WI MiniCAD office
A Fine Line Design USA Lincolnton, NC VectorWorks office
Craig R. Wyant RLA/SWS USA Lincolnton, NC VectorWorks office
Wes Goforth Architect USA Providence, RI VectorWorks office
Daniel Jansenson Architect USA Santa Monica, CA MiniCAD ffice
Whitley Burchett & Associates USA Walnut Creek, CA VectorWorks, ClarisCAD office
David W. Coulter Design USA Laguna Beach, CA PowerCADD, FormZ office
William T. Medlow AIA, Architect USA Long Island, NY ArchiCAD office
Wolfgram & Associates, AIA USA Ukn Architrion office
Wormser + Associates USA New York, NY MiniCAD office
Zack de Vito Architecture USA San Francisco,CA VectorWorks office
Gardner Partnership Architects USA Cedar City, Utah Vectorworks, FormZ office
Daniel Scott Mascione Architect USA Linwood, NJ VectorWorks office
4See Architecture (Dan Freund) USA Los Angeles, CA VectorWorks office


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