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The Design Schools Listing includes architecture schools, new media schools, industrial design and engineering programs in universities and institutes of higher learning around the world who incorporate Macintosh as a key computing solution as part of their curriculum. Please consider joining the Architosh International Web Users Group (AIWUG) and enjoy the many current and future benefits. Membership is free.

Abbrev. Ukn = Unknown

Updated: 7 Feb 2003

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Name Country City CAD Contact

Havard Univ. GSD USA Cambridge, MA All office
John A Nelson, Assoc. Prof. College of Architecture, Univ. NC, Charlotte USA Charlotte, NC PowerCADD, VectorWorks,FormZ, DesignWorkshop John. N.
MIT College of Architecture & Urban Planning USA Cambridge, MA All office
Stuckeman Center for Design Computing, Dept. Architecture, College of Arts & Architecture, Penn State USA PA VectorWorks, ArchiCAD, Microstation office
University of Applied Sciences, Department of Architecture Germany Nuernberg ArchiCAD joffice


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