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Architosh's Forums provide a unique Macintosh Web experience, focusing on pure Macintosh CAD and 3D topics across an array of industry-leading CAD platforms and modeling and rendering applications. There are now forums for each major CAD platform with outside moderation potential. Read on.

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We wish that everyone be courteous in their posting sessions and use appropriate, professional language. Architosh and its invited moderators reserve permission to delete or edit any forum post which is deemed inappropriate in language content. Please use your best judgment.

Direct marketing in our forums is strictly prohibited, with the key exception of our Sponsored Forums at the top of the forums chart. For more info read below.

Please register upon arrival to the Architosh Forums so that you can fully participate in the forums. If you have questions about privacy please read our privacy notice.

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We invite moderators to participate in our Architosh Forums. If you are a CAD VAR, Macintosh CAD or 3D expert or consultant, or an ambitious CAD user on the Mac, please consider moderating a particular forum topic at Architosh. Plan online events, online education sessions, Q & A events, or whatever, all for free on our forums. For more info and to register drop us a line.


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