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Ordering Information

The Apple Store at Architosh is an "associate store", meaning that we provide banner and text links to the actual Apple Store site. When you visit the Apple Store site via Architosh's links to it, and follow-up with a "qualified" purchase, Apple pays Architosh a small percentage fee; generally 1-4 percent, on the cost of your purchase.

Almost all AppleStore ad graphics seen on Architosh take you to the main Apple Store website, main page, regardless of the item shown in the ad graphic. There are exceptions to this general rule.

Qualifying Orders

In order for any percentage fee to be paid to Architosh, orders must be for Apple-branded software and hardware and they must be made WITHIN 15 days of visiting the store via Architosh's links. That's a "qualifying" order.

So if you wish to help support Architosh by shopping the Apple Store via our links, then please remember this 15 day rule. A helpful rule is to revisit Architosh the day you place your order and navigate to the Apple Store from one of the text or graphic links on our Architosh main page.

Non-Apple Branded Items

One of the great things about the Online Apple Store is its many top-rate third-party items. Although these do not garner Architosh a fee, please feel free to take advantage of this software. If you want to check, you can see if the MacMall Store at Architosh sells the same item. If it does, then it will generally be cheaper and you will be helping Architosh receive a small commission fee on it.

Payment Options

The Apple Store excepts numerous credit cards and other payment arrangements, includng Apple Credit. To learn more read Apple's Sales and Refunds Policies.


If you have any suggestions for this program between the Apple Store and Architosh please email Architosh at:

[email protected]

Architosh e-stores > Apple Store | MacMall Store | ICS Store | Book Store | Ashlar Store |

Home > Architosh e-stores > Apple Store



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