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Ordering Information

The ICS Store is a Yahoo store and is administered by Integrated CAD Services Inc. (ICS). We partnered with ICS -- an Apple VAR -- to enable a broad range of CAD related products to our architecture, engineering and 3D Mac professional readers.

The way this store works is you click on a product image or text link and proceed to the ICS Online store. From there you choose your products, reader their details, and proceed to checkout.

For more information read the ICS Store Policy Page.

Qualifying Orders

ICS pays Architosh a small commission on all orders that are made immediately after visiting the Architosh ICS Store. Unlike the Apple Store, for any fee to be paid to Architosh, an order must be made immediately after visiting our site. If you revisit the ICS store on a different day, we receive no commission.

So if you wish to help support Architosh by shopping the ICS Store via our links, then please remember this zero (0) day rule. A helpful rule is to revisit Architosh the day you place your order and navigate to the ICS Store from one of the text or graphic links on Architosh.

Payment Options

The ICS Store excepts numerous credit cards such as American Express. To learn more read the ICS Store Info page.


If you have any suggestions for this program between the the ICS Store and Architosh please email Architosh at:

[email protected]

Architosh e-stores > Apple Store | MacMall Store | ICS Store | Book Store | Ashlar Store |

Home > Architosh e-stores > ICS Store



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