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Architosh at Macworld Expo San Francisco - CAD/3D/AEC Full Reports. In our first ever visit to the beautiful city by the bay, Architosh discovered a large and expanding world of busy CAD/3D and AEC vendors serving the Macintosh universe. We had a great time at Macworld -- with all those wonderful surprises like the John Mayer appearance at the Keynote -- and we talked to a lot of vendors (see below) about their exciting Macintosh product offerings and services. And we even got a few good pictures (see below as well!).

Architosh Macworld SF 2004 Photo Album. Check out our photos from the Jobs' keynote with rock star John Mayer, and from the very busy expo show floor. We even have a few vendor party photos!

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Macworld Expo CAD/3D/AEC Summary. There were a number of CAD and 3D vendors at the show this year. In fact there was almost an AEC Alley, if you will, where several related product vendors where all next to each other, providing a comprehensive dose of 3D and visualization.


Macworld Expo Highlights and Misc. Thoughts There were a number of interesting aspects to this year's Macworld Expo, in this article we discuss some of them and some miscellaneous thoughts on Apple in AEC and a 'Cupid Strategy' for Apple's growth.


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Home > Features > Feature Article: Macworld Expo San Francisco 2004


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