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AppleCool: Things to Checkout at

24 June 99.

Apple's website is always brewing with new feature articles and technology showcases -- in addition to the usual technical information you would expect at any computer company. In fact, is one of the reasons why Apple is a cool company. Although the site is constantly pushing the company's products, there are many excellent stories and features that enlighten Mac users around the world. Here are a few from Apple's 3D Design & Graphics web area that may be of interest to you:

Free 3D Software!

Apple's Design & Publishing website area features free 3D software from Pixels. Pixels is giving away version 2.1.4 of Pixels3D, their 3D modeling, rendering and animation software package. By visiting their website you can download the free software and check out their many examples in the gallery.

Some of our favorites were in the "Offworld" gallery, like the rendering called "Worma" and "Hero", and in the animation gallery there is the excellent "Abyss Water Creature".

PowerBooks Win!

"A Winner Everytime". That's what Apple has said about how well the Mac did this year at the annual Architectural CAD Shootout (at A/E/C Systems '99). Two of the winning teams that offer Mac versions of the CAD applications placed First and Third and used PowerBook G3's no less! A link from the site will give you full coverage of the event.

Find 3D Mac Applications at Apple!

Looking for more 3D apps? Use Apple's Macintosh Product Guide database to search for 3D applications. Apple claims there are over 400 3D applications out there but we only found 40 using the simple search for "3D applications" in their search engine. (for your information: you can get a Sherlock plug-in for the MPG and search conveniently from your desktop).

All of this information is available on Apple's 3D an Animation page under their Design & Publishing area.


> Even More Cool Stuff at Apple! Click here.


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