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ArchitoshBooks Feature: Selected Titles on "Information-Age" Graphics

24 June 99.

ArchitoshBooks is featuring a collection of titles that focus on information graphics and information architecture, from the leading authorities on the subject.

As architects, engineers and constructors on the Macintosh platform, chances are being on the Mac in the first place assumes a certain attitude toward graphics which we find appealing when working on the Mac OS. Clean, clear, to-the-point, elegant, intuitive -- and whatever other adjectives you use to describe the type of "gestalt" one finds with working with the Mac -- are probably terms you hope to describe the types of information graphics you produce in your AEC practice.

The following books featured in our ArchitoshBooks web store all pertain to cutting edge thought and practice in dealing with the visual communication arts. Information architecture -- as a term -- is entirely new to the graphics professional, as a term that defines the structuring of data in the digital age. We feel this area of knowledge will not only grow but will become increasingly important to AEC professionals who migrate to a 100 percent digital practice in the next decade. As architects, engineers and constructors, we deal with very large sets of data already in our standard practice. In the future, how well we structure this data for ourselves and our clients will undoubtedly influence our practices' success in the information age. All of these books below will help us in that goal:

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

Envisioning Information

Visual Explanations



Visual Function

Information Architects


To learn more about these books click on them to go directly to their book page at or read the comments and get star ratings on them on the ArchitoshBooks page.

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Best Regards,

Anthony Frausto, B.Arch.

Founder & Editor

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