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MacCAD Info: DXF Translation Tips from Architectronica

29 June 99.

Barry Isakson, AIA, is a nationally recognized computer aided practice expert and president of Architectronica in California. For those you have not yet visited his site to look at his excellent industry focused software, Barry publishes a free DXF Translation tips page that is an excellent primer for those new to the world of Mac CAD in AEC and need to learn all they can about working in an AutoCAD-centric (though growing less so everyday) profession.

You will learn tips about prepping files for greater round-trip fidelity between Mac CAD programs and AutoCAD on the PC. Most Mac CAD programs provide file read and write compatibility with AutoCAD's native format (DWG) and the universal DXF file format. This page will give you tips for the most popular translation procedures in common Mac CAD programs.

Architectronica's web site also has information on Barry's seminar schedule (he is a frequent speaker at industry conferences on computer-aided practice) and his software programs for architectural practice. Programs available include a number of applications built around the FileMaker Pro database engine. Programs focus on time and expense management, detail library management, project management, Finder utilities and other neat stuff. For more info click here.



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