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Mac3D News: Gestel brings solidThinking to Mac OS!

19 October 99.

Gestel officially announced that they are porting solidThinking to the Macintosh operating system. Currently it is available on Windows 95 and NT only. Apparently they were planning on bringing the system to Mac OS in 2000 but due to so many customer requests for a Macintosh version they are porting it now:

"We had planned on starting the complete porting of solidThinking to Mac OS in the year 2000 but we've received so many requests for a Mac OS version of solidThinking that, at the end, we had to set our plans aside and start", said Alex Mazzardo, GESTEL's managing director.

Thanks to the introduction of OpenGL for Macintosh, solidThinking for the Mac OS will combine its award-winning user-interface with the famous Apple look and feel. The first beta of the software is due by the end of October 1999.

GESTEL has offices in Italy and France and develops and markets advanced 3D solutions emphasizing technological innovation while maintaining an aggressive price/performance and advocating a prompt and direct customer support. GESTEL shipped solidThinking 3.5, introduced at Siggraph 99, in August, its new updated version of its award-winning 3D modeling and rendering environment for the Windows NT operating system.

Version 3.5 makes big steps toward features for ID (industrial design). Data exchange with the most popular CAD and animation programs with solidThinking offers I/O support of: 3D Studio Max, Adobe Illustrator, DXF, IGES, LighWave, Maya, RIB, STL, VRML.

Now this exciting 3D program is coming to the Macintosh very soon! More news to follow.

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