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Special Mac REPORT: Diehl Graphsoft explains merger with Nemetschek

10 March 2000

An Architosh Exclusive Report on the number one Macintosh CAD vendor's recent merger.

Part 1 : Why the Merger?

Part 2: Who is Nemetschek AG?

Part 3: Will Diehl Graphsoft Change?

Part 4: Will it Affect the Macintosh CAD Market?

Part 2: Who is Nemetschek AG?

To those who don't know, Nemetschek is the developer of ALLPLAN, a leading CAD product for the AEC market in Europe as well as worldwide. The product ALLPLAN is now at version 15 and has been on the market for many many years.

Nemetschek AG is the parent company of Nemetschek (the developers of AEC CAD software) and had been a privately-held company for more than 30 years, when it went public on March 10, 1999. Founded in 1963 by civil engineer Professor Georg Nemetschek the company started as a professional consulting firm and evolved into one of the global CAD market leaders. Based in Munich, Germany, it is one of the largest AEC software vendors in the world with annual revenues exceeding $100 million and 400 employees -- half of which are dedicated to software development.

According to Richard Diehl,

"To give you the appropriate perspective on this company's position in Europe, Nemetschek AG is to the European AEC market what Autodesk is to the US AEC market. The company is the third largest software developer in Germany and has a strong track record of aggressive growth in tandem with solid technological advancement." --- Richard Diehl, CEO

Nemetschek's acquisition should not been seen as suspicious behavior in the CAD market. The company has consolidated or merged with seven enterprises prior to its IPO in March 1999, with eight more since that time. Richard Diehl adds that each of these companies,

" is a leader in its respective market and each [perhaps more importantly?] has retained autonomy in its marketing decisions."

This leads us to the next question. In speaking of autonomy, will Diehl Graphsoft change at least a little? And what will happen down the road, especially to the Macintosh market?

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