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30 Jul 00 Updated: 9:15am 1 Aug


Editorial: Architosh 2.0: We're different!

Welcome all to Architosh 2.0! We are at long last ready to roll with the new layout and anxious to puff out the content within this new super-sleek structure. Yes! Architosh 2 is entirely re-architected for the future and we think it's going to be insanely great!

What's Here, What's to Come?

The good folks at Nemetschek, N.A. (formerly Diehl Graphsoft Inc.) were kind enough to work on a special exclusive interview with Architosh for our introduction. Let me tell you something about Nemetschek. This company is passionate about Macintosh and very excited about OS X. Sean Flaherty, chief technology officer of Nemetschek, N.A, sat down to chat with us about the future of VectorWorks on OS X. This is a special read for all Mac users concerned with CAD and 3D visualization on the Macintosh, as it covers key OS X issues related to all CAD/3D on OS X.

In a related feature article we cover additional items regarding the G4 processor with AltiVec and the future of multiprocessing. And in the near future we will provide the most extensive library of PowerPC processor information outside of the AIM Alliance. Other news articles and features include the first segment of our Macworld Expo New York reports.

In the not too distant future we will produce another special interview and dive deeply into our Mac OS X technical series articles. By next week our Architosh news reports will be back in full swing and over the course of August you will see a rapid fluffing out of the new site. Please feel free to poke around and get a sense of all the different areas that are coming up. You can find our old stuff by going to the News page.

We Listen

Architosh 2.0 was designed based on extensive reader feedback in a survey form run in 1999. Chief among your request was greater news coverage in a broader range of disciplines. Industrial design and engineering news, were just some of the key items you were interested in reading about. So we changed our main page to become a 'vertical portal' to all things Mac CAD/3D and all things related to the disciplines that involve Mac CAD/3D. It's very simple. We provide daily links to interesting stuff around the Web and sort it out by design/engineering category. We hope you find cool stuff, but in case you don't, please let us know what you like to read.

We have a lot of exciting stuff coming up. It's been quite a ride. Architosh 2.0 almost turned out to be our own personal 'Copland' experience, and that concerned us. So we are introducing 20 percent of the site today (with the new main page/portal) and will roll out the remaining 80 percent of the site over the next few weeks.

So thanks for being such a great and patient audience. Now get back to work...and do something insanely great on your Mac!

Kindest Regards,


Anthony Frausto-Robledo, B.Arch.
Founder & Editor

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