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10 Jan 01


Great Response for Mac Firm Profiles

In December Architosh announced an open invitation to all AEC and Design Firms to submit work to profile in our upcoming Firm Profile publication feature program. Many thanks to the half dozen firms that stepped up to the plate and will be showcased first. We look forward to showcasing your practice.

The purpose of the Firm Profile program is multifold:

1- Educate fellow Macintosh-based design professionals on IT related issues to demonstrate the strengths of Mac platform technology.

2 - Inform fellow Architosh readers of your firm's unique identity, market position and abilities.

3 - Produce complimentary content for use in your firm's marketing and recruitment strategies.

There is still time to submit your firm information if you are interested. We want to publish as many stories as possible because the Macintosh platform has distinctive abilities and advantages...and a tradition of creative excellence that we want to share with the larger Macintosh community.

Contact Architosh editor, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, at [email protected] with any comments or suggestions and considerations about this program.


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