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4 Sep 2001 Updated: 4 Sep 2001


MacCAD: $1 million VersaCAD Mac donation to U.S. schools

Architosh has been informed that Archway Systems, Inc. (Archway is a sponsor of will be donating up to $1 million worth of VersaCAD Macintosh CAD software to colleges and universities to help further technical education in the United States. According to the press release:

Archway Helps Further Technical Education in US Colleges and Universities

In announcing the donation, Mike Lazear- Founder of VersaCAD and President of Archway Systems, the developer of VersaCAD, said: "We see a great opportunity to help cash-strapped colleges and universities make good use of their Macintosh computer labs to improve technical education of architects, engineers, designers, animators and others. We want to see America regain its leadership in technology."

The donation is in the form of free, VersaCAD Mac Unlimited Campus licenses each valued at $1,000, donated to the first 1000 colleges or universities that apply. The VersaCAD Mac Unlimited Campus License includes: VersaCAD Mac CAD software with right to install on any number of computers on campus; applications for architecture, mechanical and GIS; 3DJoy modeling and animation software; one year of updates and support; royalty-free right to copy the manual and tutorials for use as curricula; user meetings and newsletters.VersaCAD Mac runs on all models of Macintosh computers from older 68000 to the newest G4 running OS 9.0 or OS X (Classic mode) making it adaptable to any campus Mac lab.

VersaCAD Mac Makes Triumphant Comeback at AIA Sponsored CAD Shootouts

VersaCAD and 3DJoy recently won an award at the AIA sponsored CADD shootout at A/E/C Systems in Washington D.C.3DJoy was used by Bob Sauls, NASA animator, to model, render and animate a new Aspen ski lodge while VersaCAD Mac was used by Ed Vermurlen, AIA to prepare the working drawings.

VersaCAD Mac - Best CAD on Any Platform

VersaCAD software has been used to teach computer-aided-design (CAD) to over 1,000,000 students in educational institutions around the world over the past 20 years. Students who learn VersaCAD can easily transfer to any other Mac or Windows CAD. Coastline Community College performed an experiment that showed that students who first learn VersaCAD, learn other CAD better than students who only learn the other CAD.�

"VersaCAD Mac is still the best CAD program available on any platform. The interface is clean, straight-forward, logical and is the fastest available. Can't beat it." -- Jon Moffatt, Otis

Their reasoning: "VersaCAD is so much easier to learn that students learn more concepts faster. When they transfer, they only have to learn a few different commands". Jon Moffatt, Otis designer: "VersaCAD Mac is still the best CAD program available on any platform.The interface is clean, straightforward, logical and is the fastest available. Can't beat it."

VersaCAD Mac commercial users include: Caesars Palace, General Marine Service, Energy Saving Products, Architects Collective, US Forest Service, Hoelscher, Inc, Hussman, Otis Elevator, Hunter Fans, Naval Weapons lab, Lee Pharmaceuticals, Penn Engineering, JMC Construction, Design Development, Fireside Homes, Rawson Control Systems, Pacific Orca and more. 3Djoy users include: NBC, NASA, Frassanito & Assoc, Image Foundry, Columbia Pictures, American Film Institute and many animators (3 minutes of "Deep Impact", 15 covers of Popular Science...)

VersaCAD Mac is a product of Archway Systems, Inc. which develops and markets design software solutions. Archway Systems was� founded in 1989 by Mike and Tom Lazear who are credited with developing the first PC CAD software in 1979. Archway's mission is to deliver the power of practical, computer-aided-design to everyone who designs. Over 100,000 seats of VersaCAD have been shipped.� Archway delivers its products through a worldwide network of resellers. 3DJoy is published by Archway Systems under license from VIDI.

VersaCAD is a registered trademark of Archway Systems, Inc. a California Corporation.

For more information contact Tom Lazear of Archway Systems Inc.

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