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7 Sep 2001


Mac3D: Pro 3D Mac Hardware Request Survey

In response to our request by those wishing for RenderMan we got word of some key items that currently hinder the Mac in the high-end 3D space. We decided we would respond to this by putting together a Pro 3D Mac Hardware Request survey.

Graphics Cards and Other Items

The number one item people mention when discussing pro 3D on the Mac is the platform's lack of a pro-grade graphics card. Gaming cards just aren't good enough. So below we ask what card, specifically, would you like the Mac platform to have. We also ask about other items affecting the hardware side of the platform. Please take the survey.

Taking The Survey

Directions: Copy and paste all of the text below the dotted line into your email program and send to: Pro 3D Mac Hardware Survey

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Place a letter 'X' inside the brackets. (eg. [ x ] ) or actually fill in an answer.

1. First off, what type of Macintosh 3D user are you?

[ ] Professional 3D specialist (film, tv, broadcast, fx studio, ad agency)

[ ] Professional architecture 3D user

[ ] Professional industrial design/product design 3D user

[ ] Professional engineer/scientist/medical 3D user

[ ] Graphics/Publishing Professional

[ ] 3D Hobbiest

2. What high-end "graphics card" does the Macintosh need to succeed in high-end Pro 3D? (check just one, what you would buy)

[ ] Wildcat II 5110 (3Dlabs - est.+ $1500US)

[ ] Oxygen GVX420 or GVX210 (3Dlabs - est. + $1400US)

[ ] Elsa GLoria DCC (Elsa)

[ ] Quadro2 Pro (nVidia-based board by Apple)

[ ] Other: Type board here.

3. What item is currently the biggest deterrent in deploying Mac in high-end 3D? (check just one, what you would buy)

[ ] Apple's Brand/Reputation

[ ] Megahertz Myth (perception of lower MHz = lower performance)

[ ] PPC G4 Microprocessor's Actual Performance

[ ] Lack of "high-end" graphics cards

[ ] Lack of key software item(s)

4. Given if performance would relate and respond to more processors, how many processors would you like your "3D workstation Mac" to have? (this assumes you would purchase this machine)

[ ] Just one processor at fastest MHz levels (est. base price $2,499US)

[ ] Two (2) processors (est. base price $3,499US)

[ ] Four (4) processors (est. base price $4,999US)

5. If Apple Developed RenderFarm or Parallel Compute Networking technology allowing you to link several Power Macs together to compute simultaneously on the same workload, would you support this technology as an end-user at the application level (purchasing enhanced software versions) and at the Apple level, purchasing additional Apple hardware and software?

[ ] No, I have no need for this

[ ] Yes, I could use this and price is not a real issue

[ ] Yes, I could benefit from this, but price would be a major issue

6. Please add any comments below (optional):


Thanks for taking the survey. Please make sure the survey is emailed back to us at [email protected].

Posting Survey Results

We will post survey results in a few weeks time (as soon as we have received a good number to make the data meaningful.


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