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by Architosh Staff, info{at}architosh{dot}com
20 June 2007

Tidbits: Mac CAD/3D News - Dosch News, Autodesk and iPhone, and Solidworks CEO buys a Mac and Likes It

Jonny Mac Buys a Mac

According to a CAD blog John McEleney, CEO of SolidWorks Corporation, of Massachusetts, spoke to a user group recently about his recent purchase of a Mac at home. SolidWorks already has a few Mac products now, such as eDrawings and Cosmic Blobs, a children's 3D program. But thus far its main program, mCAD heavy-weight, SolidWorks, does not run on OS X. Perhaps Jonny's experience with his Mac at home and Apple's rising marketshare will eventually persuade him to offer a native version? Does anybody out there want a native SolidWorks on Mac OS X? Let us know.



Could Autodesk support CAD on iPhone First?

Referring to our recent article ("Apple iPhone OS Based on OpenGL - Who Will Be First CAD Developer to Put Zoomable Apps On It?" -- 7 June 2007), an Architosh reader reminded us that Autodesk Freewheel already does perhaps what we are looking for, allowing even 3D interactive CAD viewing in a "normal Web browser."



The key question with this is: is the Safari browser on iPhone really as normal as Apple says it is?

While Mac users have been clamoring for a native version of AutoCAD on Mac OS X for over eight years now, it would be very interesting indeed if Autodesk took some initiative here to be one of the select few of premier big software developers to robustly support the OS X on iPhone platform. Let's put it this way, is Autodesk going to wait so long that Google with its cozy relationship with Apple puts some incredible SketchUp-Google Earth-GIS-GPS combo application together on iPhone first? Having any thoughts on this idea, let us know.

Dosch News

Dosch has released a slew of new products including Dosch 3D: Cars 2007, Dosch 3D: Trees & Conifers v3 and so on. They have also released six different HDRI-based CD-ROMs, including Car Backgrounds, Interiors, Nature v2, Skies v2, and Surroundings.

To learn more visit them here:


Architosh Marketplace

MacroEnter. is a CAD/AEC/Design, networking and large format printing solutions integrator, serving business, government and education customers. Reseller of VectorWorks, Microspot, HP and Encad product lines.

CAD Garage. is an online store dedicated to Architects, Engineers, Builders, Designers and Mac enthusiasts featuring ArchiCAD, formZ, Piranesi, Cinema 4D, HP and more product lines.

Lim Consultants, Inc. provides creative architects with practical solutions while incorporating cutting edge technology, pushing the art of structural engineering to new levels of excellence.

Place your text ad here and reach thousands of professionals each month for very affordable prices. (contact: [email protected])

Apple G5: Smokes Intel Competition

Apple, Autodesk and Mac OS X

ProSwitcher: Joe Esch: SketchUp, Cocoa and Mac OS X

Bill Gates' House Designed on Macintosh?

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MWSF: Jobs' Keynote - The Highlights 3 - [11 Jan]

MWSF: Jobs' Keynote - The Highlights 2 - [10 Jan]

MWSF: Jobs' Keynote - The Highlights - [10 Jan]

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