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State of Macintosh CAD - Feature Report

4 Nov 99.

Architosh is proud to bring you our very first exclusive interview, featuring Richard Diehl, CEO of Diehl Graphsoft, longtime Macintosh CAD leader and now worldwide CAD standout in one of the most competitive software markets worldwide.

Our Special Architosh Feature on Diehl Graphsoft and its upcoming VectorWorks ARCHITECT software product includes "behind the scenes look" and discussions on Macintosh technology trends affecting the Macintosh CAD and 3D market as well as a preview of upcoming VectorWorks software add-on products and future directions for Macintosh CAD.


Want to know where the Macintosh market's leading CAD program is headed? When and how Diehl Graphsoft will deal with Apple's new technologies like the new G4 processor with AltiVec by Motorola? How good OpenGL is compared with QuickDraw 3D? Multiprocessing G4's and the future of VectorWorks and RenderWorks?

Richard Diehl talks shop with Architosh and gives an interesting account of the state of CAD on the Macintosh, talks about his company's plans for new 'vertical market' add-on applications -- the first of which is called VectorWorks ARCHITECT and due by year's end -- and appraises Apple's recent efforts with working with developers. Join us on an indepth report on Diehl Graphsoft.

The Feature Articles

Architosh Special Feature: Interview with Diehl Graphsoft CEO, Richard Diehl

Architosh Special Feature: VectorWorks ARCHITECT - Review of Late Beta

Architosh Special Report: Solid Modeling Solutions and SMLib - VectorWorks' Future

Architosh Special Report: VectorWorks - Macintosh CAD Resurgence?


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The following news items -- many just recently published -- roundout our special report on Diehl Graphsoft and the state of the Macintosh in the CAD markets.

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