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Autocad on Macintosh OS X Petition Email Questionnaire

23 May 00 [Updated: 5/27/00 1:30pm EDT - new email address for petition]

Due to an overwhelming demand for Autocad on OS X Architosh has put together a brief 'questionnaire' on petitioning Apple and Autodesk to work together on Mac OS X applications. We don't have time to put together an elaborate HTML form so please pardon this copy/paste petition format. Note. If you want a Web form instead head over to the MacEvangelist site, they have made a form for us and it is much easier to deal with. Thanks.

Please Copy and Paste Questionnaire Below Into Your Email Program

And send it directly to our editor's email address at [email protected] Copy everything between the horizontal rules. Thanks ;-)

Petition for Autocad on OS X Questionnaire.

Directions: Place an 'x' inside the parentheses like this (_x) ignoring the underscore.

1.) Would you like to see Autocad ported to Apple's upcoming Mac OS X?

( _ ) A. Yes!

( _ ) B. No!

2.) Would you purchase Autocad for OS X if it was available?

( _ ) A. Yes! I would definitely buy a copy.

( _ ) B. No. I would not get it, even if it was available.

3.) If given a choice, what product would you like to buy more.

( _ ) A. Full version of Autocad for Mac OS X

( _ ) B. Full version of Autocad LT for Mac OS X

4.) Would you prefer an Autocad viewer, file converter, printer app for OS X instead?

( _ ) A. Yes! All I need is full, native Autocad compatibility on Macintosh

( _ ) B. Yes! I need a viewer app in addition to Autocad (for clients, other seats, etc.)

( _ ) C. No! I need a supported, native Autocad version for OS X. (full or light version)

For this next question please think seriously about the implications. And note that last time Autocad ran on the Mac Apple helped port the application and contributed financially to the port.

5.) Do you think Apple should pay half of all development cost for Autocad on OS X?

( _ ) A. Yes! We need it badly and it will be good for Apple's business and platform health.

( _ ) B. Yes! But Apple should then receive a fair fee for each OS X Autocad license.

( _ ) C. Yes! But Autodesk should make an investment in Apple like Microsoft did in 97'

( _ ) D. No! Autodesk will recoup their development cost easily, OS X will rock!

( _ ) E. Yes to answers A. - C.

6.) Do you have any additional concerns or thoughts about Autocad on Mac OS X or what Apple should be doing in the CAD market? Please discuss your thoughts now. Thanks.

Write your response here:

Thanks for taking the time to submit this email petition. Architosh will gather all submissions and forward it to both Autodesk and Apple.


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