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Architosh's Community page focuses on building a sense of place here in cyberspace for Mac-using design and engineering professionals. We will be revamping our Architosh Forums and have other vehicles planned for building a sense of community here at Architosh.

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The AIWUG or Architosh International Web Users Group is an online members' listing of Macintosh-based firms in a variety of CAD and 3D-based fields—from architecture to 3D multimedia design used for film and game development.

• AIWUG Updated 7 Feb 2003 - 385+ Members!

• Over 335+ architecture/aec member firms!

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Architosh International Web User Group: AIWUG
AIWUG members are individuals and firms who have pledged their support of Macintosh operating systems in CAD/3D/AEC and related-design, technical and scientific fields.

The purpose of AIWUG is to form an international community of professionals who believe the Macintosh has a distinct role in their profession, be it architecture or medical engineering. With a community we can have a voice, a united front, a body, and generate programs over time which allow all who join the AIWUG to benefit.

Joining AIWUG is free. Benefits of joining include helping to form a focused online community which will enable its members to make contacts with collegues in similar fields or with similar technical challenges. Find collegues who use the same CAD or 3D programs; contact collegues in your city, region or country; learn how other collegues are using Macintosh in their field.

Other benefits include a weekly or monthly email list for AIWUG members. And future benefits include annual or semi-annual AIWUG meetings at Macworld and the formation of AIWUG Local Chapters in your region of the world.

Joining AIWUG is free and simple. After reviewing the AIWUG members lists send us the following information: Your name, your company name, your location in the world, the type of CAD an 3D software in use, and an AIWUG email contact and URL (if applicable) to be listed on the AIWUG Lists. In your email Subject heading please copy and paste in the following bold text: AIWUG

If you are a member (faculty, student, or employee) of an educational or research institution please send us the name of that institution. If you wish the institution to officially join AIWUG please tell us that in your email. Institutions that support AIWUG must use Macintosh is some capacity related to the mission of Architosh and you must have authority to sign up that institution.

Students do have permission to sign up their schools but they can join as individuals and their school will be listed in lieu of a firm.

An email form for joining will be coming soon!



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