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Architosh provides a number of advertising and promotional options for ISV's, hardware firms, AEC firms, schools, organizations, publications and others interested in reaching the Macintosh CAD/3D/AEC markets.

When you advertise on Architosh you automatically enter a Corporate Sponsorship program based on the level of your advertising. Our unique Corporate Sponsorship programs offer advertisers a special value-added benefit to advertising at Architosh so that you can gain enhanced product exposure and branding awareness.

What we sell? - Our Advertising Programs
We currently offer top, bottom, sidebar and large inline ad banner positions, consistent with industry standards. We also do limited text ads.
Ad banners are sold on the industry standard CPM system (cost per 1000 ad banner impressions). Ad space is purchased perferably by the calendar quarter.
We advise advertisers to consider a sustained marketing campaign for greatest impact and purchase ads for at least six months. The majority of our corporate sponsors (advertisers) select annual or semi-annual agreement packages.
Ad Banner Sizes
IAB/CASIE industry ad banner sizes are required. Discounts are provided for large volume orders.
Ad Pricing & Contact Info
We offer competitive pricing on all our advertising and sponsorship options. To learn more you can download our latest Media Kit for Quarter 3, 2005 in PDF format.

To inquire further please send Karen an email at: [email protected] or call:

Karen Popp at (415) 460-1144 (9am - 6pm PST)

Demographics - Since its introduction in February 1999, Architosh has become a prominent member of the Macintosh online news and information community—serving the vertical markets of architecture, engineering and related construction professionals, in addition to general Macintosh CAD and 3D markets. We have aggressively focused on architects on the Macintosh and have an Architosh International Web Users Group listing of over 300 Mac-based architecture, engineering, construction firms, in addition to 3D consultants and design schools.

Additionally, Architosh.com is a prominent partner of the Macintosh News Network (MacNN) with a combined network readership of over 8 million page impressions per month.

Stats. Based on an Architosh survey run in 1999, it is estimated that half of our readers are in the AEC market and predominantly consist of CAD managers, IT professionals and firm owners—generally 'those that recommend' and 'final decision makers'. Based on our email, which runs in the thousands per year, other site readers consist of 3D and CAD specialist across an array of disciplines, scientist and engineers, and technical graphic professionals.

Based on our survey, over 75 percent of all survey participants are principals or firm owners, regardless of firm/discipline type. This places them in the annual salary range of $80,000 - $150,000.

Direction. Architosh version 2 and future version 3 will broaden its focus to include industrial design and 3D professionals in the film and gaming markets. According to industry analysts these markets are set to triple in size by 2003 (see our Business Case) and they overlap AEC/CAD with similar tools (like FormZ, Electric Image, etc.)

Site Growth Rate - Architosh has grown dramatically each year since its introduction in February 1999. In 2001 we served over 1.9 million ads for our advertisers and e-com partners. In 2002 we increased this figure to over 2.5 million ad impressions. For 2003 we are projecting over 3.5 million ad impressions. Our Business Case details our dramatic growth and projected figures for the coming year.

Stats. Architosh is currently serving over 25,000 unique readers per month in over 70 countries worldwide -- serving 50,000 - 90,000 page impressions per month. According to our stats the majority of our readers are in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Italy. More than 40% of our readers are outside the US. (see our Business Case)

Site Growth Potential - Architosh is addressing the architecture and related engineering and construction fields. In the United States there are approximately 50,000 - 55,000 registered architects, not including non-registered architect interns, CAD operators and technicians. In US and Canadian schools of architecture there are approximately 30,000+ students in the fields of architecture, interior design and related environmental studies.

Market Share. In the United States Macintosh is used by 11-33% of professional architects, depending on the source for those stats. The AIAs' own online survey was as high as 33% in 1999. The Boston/Cambridge, Massachusetts market, one of the single largest concentration of architects in the US, reflects this figure—according to CAD VAR's serving the region and in 1999 reflected a 16% Mac useage by AIA member firms minimum.

Usage Trends. With Apple's dark year's behind them there is ample opportunity to reintroduce the Macintosh advantage in the coming years. In 1996-99, many Mac firms began to go cross-platform as a precautionary strategy; however, since 1998 some Wintel firms have switched back to Macintosh. With the introduction of the UNIX based Mac OS X (Jaguar), there has been a steady increase of engineering interest in Mac OS X, with dramatic announcements of new OS X applications.

Since 1998 Macintosh computers have figured prominently in the national AEC System Expo's famous CAD Shoot-out's, pitting architect teams and their favorite software/hardware against each other.

US Stats. In the US Architosh estimates the size of Macintosh-based architects and architecture students to be approximately 17,000 to as high as 28,000 users. (based on 15% pros + 33% students min.)

Worldwide Stats. Worldwide we know there are over 100,000 plus Macintosh CAD users on just two CAD platforms alone. We were given user base stats by Graphisoft and Nemetschek North America (having together a combined user base of over 250,000 users with more than 50 percent being Macintosh-based) and Graphisoft's platform mix is exactly 50 percent while Nemetschek is 60 percent Mac. We suggest the the real number of active Mac CAD users alone (not counting 3D users) is approximately in the range of 150,000 - 250,000 users worldwide.

In some countries, like Japan, Germany, France, UK and Italy, Macintosh is more popular with architects than it is in the US, with marketshare as high as 40 percent.

Many of these stats are for architecture only and do not include the entire AEC field, related CAD/CAM and other 3D professionals. In the areas of 3D the Macintosh has gone through a major resurrence in recent years since the introduction of Maya for Macintosh.

Architosh Representation - Links to our site. Architosh daily news stories, reports and editorial are covered by leading Mac news sites on the Web like MacSurfer, Macintosh News Network and the Mac Observer; and periodical coverage by MacWEEK and Rick Ford's MacInTouch.

Additionally we are covered prominently by leading CAD industry sites and portals, including industry leadeers TenLinks.com and CADWire.net. And we have been featured in Architectural Record Magazine.

Apple. Architosh is prominently featured at Apple.com in various locations and in various Apple sites around the world, including links in Apple Japan. See Macintosh in Architecture.

CADWire.net. Architosh is a common major feature on CADWire.net, an industry leading CAD portal on the Internet. CADWire has extensive links to Architosh.com's Mac-centric CAD, 3D and AEC news, product reviews and feature articles.

TenLinks.com. Architosh is prominently listed as the major Macintosh CAD resource on the Web.

More information and stats about us can be found in our Business Case and in our MediaKit. So please write with a request for more information.

Getting started is simple. Start by calling Karen Popp (see above) and requesting a MediaKit. You may also want to read our Architosh Business Case, as well as review our site's many resource-intensive areas and community sections. Architosh has active CAD and 3D forums with more than 1000 professional members and firms, and our Architosh International Web Users Group listing features links to over 400 Macintosh AEC firms worldwide. Our AIWUG members are active readers and proud Macintosh-based professionals.

We can also help you develop an ad campaign, plan a branding awareness strategy for your Internet marketinig,, and recommend other sites and media for supplementing you advertising strategy with us.

Thank you for considering Architosh.









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