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More Reader Reactions  
Architosh is helping people move to the Mac!
As at matter of weekly life we receive inquiries about the false perception that Macintosh CAD/3D software just doesn't exist. Our reader's are overwhelmed with the discovery of just how strong Macintosh is in this market.
Time and time again, after discovering Architosh and its extensive resources, PC users move over to the Mac to get their CAD work done.

"To whom it may concern:

Awesome Mac-based CAD resource!!! Well, the fact is that I am not an architect using CAD, but I am helping a friend who does Autocad on Wintel PC's and is considering Mac options for his CAD work. I knew there were many viable software packages for this type of work, but I didn't have a good comprehensive resouce until I found your site. Keep up the good work!"

— S. Hiroto

Apple Recommends Architosh!
We were delighted to get this email from an architect concerning Apple the Mac and the profession's perception of Macintosh.

"I was contacted yesterday by Apple Computer in response to an email of frustration having to do with the seemingly loosing battle we face as Macintosh users in the architectural profession. They suggested I log onto your site and become vocal regarding specific issues such as software development utilizing an 'open.dwg' file format, etc."

— Reese Schroeder, AIA
Senior Architect
Design International


Helping Us Share the News!
We always appreciate your feedback and we especially appreciate your telling others about us. Thanks.!

Home > Architosh Business > Architosh Awards & Reader Reaction > More Reader Reactions


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