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Architosh Receives "Record Growth" since Power Mac G5 Introduction

Since Apple's June 2003 introduction of the Power Mac G5, Architosh.com has recorded its fastest growth in membership and site activity since mid 2002.

PROVIDENCE, RI. --- Feb 11, 2004 --- Architosh.com, a leading CAD portal specializing in IT information resources, end-user support and community forums, editorial products, and industry analysis for Macintosh-based CAD/3D and AEC users worldwide, has announced it has received its fastest growth in membership and site activity since the middle of 2002.

"We attribute our current growth over the last six to eight months to Apple's introduction of the Power Mac G5," said site founder and editor, Anthony Frausto. "We record and track our email from readers and since the Power Mac G5 we've had a noticeable 20 percent plus increase in correspondence as well as a significant and marked growth rate in our Architosh Forums."

The Email Story

Architosh receives nearly 1000 emails from readers a year creating an excellent tool for gauging the current and changing conditions of the Macintosh CAD and 3D market. "As we've said in previous articles and press releases, a good majority of our email is help-based...people trying to figure out what tools to use so they can do CAD on the Mac platform," says Frausto. "Some of our recent emails have been quite interesting and I personally try to answer every one."

Architosh is anticipating receiving approximately 1300 emails from readers in 2004. More than half of these are focused on getting help on choosing the correct software for various applications in the CAD or 3D visualization fields. Here are few typical emails:

One of the things that always shocks me is the lack of a native GIS system for the Mac. It is my understanding that there are systems that run under the X window system that work on the Mac.

However you would have thought that a mapping company would have jumped on the opportunity to get an app running on a 64 bit machine that usually sells for less than the cost of there apps. ESRI seems to be asleep but somebody should take the GRASS code and put a Cocoa face on it. Just some random thoughts.

Peace and Blessings --- Ralph Byrd

I have been looking for an "easy to use" quick visualization tool for interiors (with libraries of furnishings and finishes). Do you have any recommendations? Most of the architectural programs have a very steep learning curve and are very expensive.

Thanks! --- Mr. Asa Weinstein, A.O.C.A.


Record Forum Growth

In addition to a dramatic increase in email correspondence, since the introduction of the Power Mac G5 Architosh's forums have shown a marked increase in activity which is clearly accelerating. "I'm personally thrilled at the accelerated growth curve we are currently experiencing with the Architosh Forums," said Anthony Frausto. "This growth has just happened recently in the past six months and it is hard not to correlate it to the G5 introduction." "Our day-to-day forum membership growth used to look something like 1-1-0-2," said Frausto, "and now it's looking like 2-3-1-4 and that's equating to nearly double the previous growth rate."

About Architosh

Architosh.com is a publication of Britasmedia. Britasmedia's publishing mission with the Architosh Web site is to serve a worldwide audience of Macintosh-based CAD/3D and AEC professionals and students with market-leading information (IT) resources, community forums, news, reviews, and editorial products. Since 1999, Architosh has been the world's leading Mac CAD/3D/AEC portal -- now serving over 25,000 unique readers monthly in more than 70 countries around the globe. To learn more visit: http://www.architosh.com


Press Contact

Anthony Frausto-Robledo, B.Arch.
Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Architosh / Britasmedia
14 Creston Way, Providence, Rhode Island (RI)
617-312-3305 (t)
[email protected]

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