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  The Designers Listing includes Mac-based (or using) technical and artistic design professionals in a variety of fields and industries, all from around the world—a truly international list of architectural Macintosh users. Please consider joining the Architosh International Web Users Group (AIWUG) and enjoy the many current and future benefits. Membership is free.

Abbrv. Ukn = Unknown

Updated: 7 Feb 2003

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Name Country City CAD Contact

Picture Engine Company USA Boulder, CO Escher System office
David R. Einug Res. Design USA Cambria, CA VectorWorks David, E.
Facility Wizards USA Chicago, IL PowerCADD Scot W.
Facilities Design International USA Houston, TX MicrostationSE office
Brede Allied Convention Services USA Orlando, FL VectorWorks office
Equipit.com Ltd Finland Turku FormZ office
Simple Building Systems. LLC USA Ukn ArchiCAD office


Home > Community > Designers


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