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Accelerate. Power Mac G4 and Apple Studio Display.

Double brain power. Power Mac G4.

The Architosh DPG: Hardware Page points you to resources at Architosh that can help you obtain the best Macintosh workstation for CAD/3D and AEC applications. In addition there are resources for all of the following hardware considerations:

• Choosing a CAD/3D Plotter Coming!

• Choosing a CAD/3D Monitor Coming!

• Using Industry Hardware Options Coming!

PowerPC Processor Resources
Visit our PowerPC page for learn about the IBM and Motorola RISC processors that power Apple Macintosh computers. You'll find links to benchmarks and other news and comparitive information.
Macintosh versus Intel Resources
Below you will find links to articles comparing the performance advantages of Macintosh versus Wintel workstations, at both the graphics, CAD and 3D range of applications. Look for more to be listed soon:

AltiVec and multiprocessing in CAD/3D

PowerBook G3's Win at CAD Shootout!

G4 vs Pentium and AMD Athlon performance data

G4 processor and QuickDraw3D: Speed Shootout

What is the perfect PC for CAD...How about Mac?

Also check out a recent report on setting up Lightwave for network rendering on Macintosh G4 computers. And we have links to other network and parallel (cluster) rendering information, like the UCLA AppleSeed Project.

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