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Architosh to launch new industry newsletter with focus on Macintosh CAD/3D professionals and software developers

Biweekly Newsletter to Provide High-Level Discussion on Key Topics Facing All Stakeholders in Macintosh CAD/BIM and 3D

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island -- September 2, 2005 -- Architosh.com, today announced that it will be launching a new industry newsletter focused on key topics facing all stakeholders in Macintosh CAD/BIM/CAID and 3D industries. The newsletter will be published bi-weekly to a "member's only" email distribution list. The first issue is scheduled for publication later in September.

"Richard Diehl of Nemetschek North America once asked me in San Francisco during a Macworld event why I didn't publish even a simple email newsletter," said Anthony Frausto-Robledo, publisher and editor-in-chief of Architosh.com. "I told him at the time that I thought it would be in direct competition with the site itself. But over the years I've often thought about what a CEO-class executive would want in a newsletter and what they would most likely hate in a bigger site like Architosh.com."

Architosh's new bi-weekly newsletter will be very succinct, a quick read and a necessary one. It's primary content will be exclusive and not found anywhere else on the Web, even on Architosh.

"Richard said he was simply too busy to read Architosh frequently," said Frausto-Robledo. "I realized over the years as I've become frantically busy and pulled in numerous directions myself, and that what Richard said he needed made sense."

Newsletter Plus New Architosh

The newsletter is the first of a rollout of new items affecting Architosh.com, the world's leading Macintosh-centric CAD/3D publication online. "Over the past year now we've announced many things and while not all of them have rolled out or will roll out as planned, the main point to keep in mind is that Architosh is finding its footing in the face of increased growth and changing needs," said Frausto-Robledo. "The newsletter is a way of addressing the needs of the super busy as well as the PC CAD user who is now interested in the Mac." "This will help them get the skinny on what is going on on the Mac side of things," says Frausto-Robledo.

Architosh will announce, later this month, the first issue and how to sign up to get it. The newsletter will come in the Adobe PDF format and will include hyper-links to Web pages, however, all of the essential content and features will be self-contained in the PDF.

For More Information

Architosh.com is now in the top six English language CAD sites in the world according to the published media kits of our larger rivals. For more than four years now we have been serving content to approximately 18,000 to 25,000 unique readers monthly in over 70 countries around the world. More than 100 new members join our discussion boards every 60 days.

Architosh anticipates a nearly immediate membership of 2000 readers for its new industry newsletter and expects it to scale to beyond 5,000 readers within a year.

About Architosh

Architosh.com has been a mainstay in the Macintosh online news arena for more than six years and has single handily produced more Macintosh-centric CAD and 3d publishing than all other Macintosh online and print publications combined.

BritasMedia's publishing mission with the Architosh Web site is to serve a worldwide audience of Macintosh-based CAD/3D and AEC professionals and students with market-leading information (IT) resources, news, reviews, and editorial products. Since 1999, Architosh has been the world's leading Mac CAD/3D/AEC portal now serving over 25,000 unique readers monthly in more than 70 countries around the globe.

Press Contact

Anthony Frausto-Robledo, B.Arch.
Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Architosh / Britasmedia
14 Creston Way, Providence, RI 02906
617-312-3305 (t)
[email protected]

Advertising Sales Contact

Karen Popp
Business Development Manager
415-460-1144 (t)
[email protected]

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Learn about the folks behind Architosh, their backgrounds and education. And read our Architosh Mission Statement to understand what we are trying to do.

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