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Architosh's Corporate Sponsors consist of both industry leaders in worldwide CAD/3D/AEC markets as well as smaller developers, consultants and value-added resellers and partners.

All of them share a strong commitment to the Macintosh platform and their Mac-based customer base. And all of them support the important role the Architosh.com website serves in these markets and to their customers.

Our new "corporate sponsors" logo will now be found in our newer content distinguishing companies that are corporate underwriters of Architosh.com. Corporate Sponsors -- in addition to advertising on Architosh -- also obtain direct URL linking in our editorial content which boost your company's Google search engine placement.


Our Corporate Sponsors and Partners help keep this site free and even more important, show strong support for the Macintosh 3D/CAD and AEC markets. Please help support us by visiting their websites.


Amazon.com. - Architosh has had an Affiliate Amazon.com Store for over three and half years and today Amazon features hundreds of thousands of products beyond books and music. Architosh prominently features books and related products targeted at the Macintosh AEC and Animation markets.  
Apple Computer Inc. - Architosh.com is a proud member of Apple's exclusive Associate Apple Store program. Our e-commerce facilities prominently feature links to Apple's latest hardware and software products and services. Our affiliation with Apple Computer does not constitute an endorsement of our site or its content by Apple Computer Inc.  
Archway Systems Inc. - The developers and owners of the venerable VersaCAD product line, Archway Systems Inc. today is both a software developer, reseller and trainer/consultant. Their product line includes VersaCAD for Mac and Windows as well as Microstation, Rhino 3D, SolidEdge and other books and services. VersaCAD for Mac promises to regain its past glory  
BOA Research. - The new entrant in the architectural CAD market, BOA is a next-generation integrated 3D virtual-building based CAD system. The small development company was formed by ex-Architrion (BAGH) developers and includes some of the brightest French programmers to be found anywhere. BOA Research is located just a block away from Harvard University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  
BritasMedia. - The parent company of Architosh.com is a digital design and IT consultancy focused on Macintosh-based practices, FileMaker development and Web design and development services for small and medium businesses. Key services include Web site design, planning and strategy and 2D animation diagramming.  
Electric Image Inc. - Originally founded as a visual effects studio in 1987, Electric Image developed a proprietary 3D rendering and animation package to create digital special effects for film. This soon developed into a market leading, high-quality rendering and animation platform rivaling those found on SGI machines at the time. EIAS (Electric Image Animation System) has become world-renown for its use in major motion picures, including Star Wars Episode 1 and Terminator 2: Judgement Day.  
Eovia Inc. -- The developers and publishes of award-winning 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software that include Carrara Studio 3, Amapi Designer 7, and Amapi Pro 7. Flexibility, affordability and unmatched ease-of-use are among the characteristics that define Eovia products as the most creative and efficient tools in their category.  
Integrated CADD Services LLC. - Since 1991 ICS has operated as a premier Value-added reseller in the New England area, offering full Apple VAR services and products focused on the architecture, engineering, construction CAD and graphics markets. ICS provides market leading system integration for over 600 firms in the New England area and is the nation's leading ArchiCAD reseller and trainer.  
MacMALL (PCMall Inc.) - MacMALL is one of the world's leading computer catalog resellers, authorized to sell Apple computer hardware and software, in addition to thousands of name-brand items. MacMALL has partnered with Architosh to deliver special discounts on Apple hardware and third-party CAD and 3D software items.  
MacroEnter Corporation - Macro Enter Corporation is a CAD/AEC/Design, Network and Large Printing Solutions Integrator; oriented to business, government offices and educational institutions. MacroEnter can distribute its large product array to customers in the United States, Canada, South America, Australia and New Zealand. MacroEnter are Mac and Windows experts. They are an Apple Value-Added Reseller and supply many third-party CAD and 3D software items.  
Nemetschek North America. - Formerly Diehl Graphsoft Inc, Nemetschek North America is an internationally recognized leader in CAD technology with an award winning VectorWorks CAD product line and leading market positions in the United Kingdom and Japan, in addition to a major installed base in the United States. Products include VectorWorks, RenderWorks and an Industry Series of CAD products for architecture, lighting, mechanical design and land development.  

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