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Architosh Staff ([email protected])
4 Aug 00


Architosh gathers 1200+ petitions for Autocad on OS X

Responding to overwhelming demand, has run a petition for Autocad on OS X and has gathered over 1200 petitions in favor of porting the world's marketshare-leading CAD application to Apple's next generation operating system.

It was initially hoped that 10,000 signatures could be obtained within one month, but that was unrealistic. It now appears that a more realistic projection for 5,000 signatures could be obtained once school is back in session for many college-age design, science and engineering students. With these students at home, abroad on travel or on vacation the grassroots-like synergy needed in an effort like this just isn't there. While we have received word from many college professors and college computing departments, we have received very little from college students themselves.

Architosh will begin publication of facts from the petition early next week, including articles on what readers have said about Apple and Autodesk.

Architosh would like to acknowledge and MacGuardians (of Germany) who have helped us to translate and gather this survey.

To take the 'Autocad on OS X Petition Survey Form', click here.

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